I very much regret the problems that occur when playing the tutorials on Mac computers, it is however possible to view the tutorials by following the instructions below.

•  Put the Painter X for Photographers DVD in the computer DVD drive.
•  Select the Painter X DVD icon when it appears on the desktop.
•  In Finder click File> Open.
•  Scroll down the dialog box and open the folder called DATA.
•  Double click on this folder to reveal more folders.
•  Double click on the folder named 'swfs' to show the list of tutorials.
•  Double click on the tutorial required and this should open in your web browser.

The files will also open in your web browser by going to File >Open, select the Painter DVD icon and follow steps shown above from Step 4.
This should allow you to view the tutorials.


An alternative solution suggested by a Mac user is as follows:

I opened my browser, in this case, Safari (using a G5), 
than I had the file opened as your guide suggested, into 'swfs'.
I clicked on, for example, 'Bristle Brush Cloner.sfw', and dragged it 
into the browser.
It opens with some lag time and plays very well.
I had to just click backwards on the browser after the lesson 
finished, so that I could move onto the next lesson choice.


Step-by-Step files

The following pictures were not included on the DVD, with apologies for the omission.

Click on the filename to download.

07 multilayered file
This is an uncompressed rif file (2.9mb) and will open directly in Corel Painter.

14 Collie