oMartin Addison FRPS


Audio-Visual Sequences

I started making audio-visual sequences over 40 years ago and continued for many years, using multiple slide projectors.
After a few years gap I am creating them once again, this time using ProShow Producer.

The sequences shown here are a selection of recent work, the ones featuring woodlands have been made very quickly after a visit to the wood and are intended to give an immediate response to my impressions of the visit.

The sequences are all on YouTube.


Zitherbell   Glassworks   Red Shift


  Glassworks   Red Shift

mist at Pipers Hill   tiddesley wood   Habberley valley

Early Morning at Piper's Hill

  Tiddesley Wood   Habberley Valley
    The Knapp and Papermill Reserve    

Birmingham Pride   Bristol Pride   Race for Life

Birmingham Pride

  Bristol Pride   Race for Life